Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Moody sea

 A day on the water can turn very nasty very quickly as we found out in Tasmania when we had to outrun this storm front.
Tangalooma and the day started out perfect as you can see from the awesome colour of the water as a storm built, but look below and see how the day changed.

Mother Nature was in a bad mood and the sky turned darker and darker, before the storm hit and  Moreton Bay became a washing machine.


  1. aha great photos and look a new background. Someone is having fun. Can you write a comment too telling us who you are?

  2. I cannot tell a lie - it was me. Sorry I keep forgetting I need to identify myself. I've spent quite a bit of time looking at different options because it has caught my interest and I want to learn more. Still having trouble finding my way around some things probably because I'm learning. You'll have to show me how to embed the source as I'm not sure how to bring a video back from Youtube to the blog even with notes from the web. Enjoy Sydney and see you Monday. Noeleen